Women's Health Physiotherapy

Maximising pelvic floor function for continence and sport.
At Target Physio, our physiotherapists are trained in pelvic floor rehabilitation and are able to help you achieve your goals. Whether you are prenatal, postnatal or experiencing incontinence with exercise or getting out of the car, we have the tools to educate and empower you on your journey to recovery.

Obtaining and maintaining pelvic health is like all other parts of the body - it requires time, skill acquisition of the technique and practice. Pelvic floor strengthening is no different. At Target Physio we utilise real time ultrasound to effortlessly display pelvic floor muscles. This non-invasive technique allows us to locate, teach activation then train the right muscles that result in improvements to patient's incontinence.

Just like any strengthening program, as improvements are made we move towards function – what you need or want to return to! Blending pelvic floor restrengthening with existing training and goals. Anything from wanting to start running again or be able to press weight above your head, the goal is still to achieve function.

If you or someone you know are looking to not only improve their pelvic health but master it, get in touch today!
    Women's health is a rarely talked about topic that is relevant to women of all ages. The prevalence of issues, such as incontinence and prolapses, affects up to 65% of women, yet less than one third will discuss these issues with a health professional.

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