Not So Secret Men’s and Women’s Business 

Men’s and women’s health are seldom discussed in the community, or amongst family and friends, even though they can greatly affect a person’s quality of life. In the community, many people with issues such as incontinence, prolapses and other gender specific issues rarely discuss these with their own Doctor. In fact, up to 65% of women, and 30% of men sitting inside doctors waiting rooms have some form of incontinence, yet less than one third will discuss these issues with a health professional. The good news is that Target Physio has physiotherapists trained in this area to help you to get back on track!
Introducing the Target Physio Fact Checker:

Fact 1: incontinence can be treated by a physiotherapist – True, physios are extremely knowledgeable in treating these conditions and have an in depth anatomical and exercise prescription skillset.

Fact 2: leaking small amounts of urine during a workout or general physical activity is normal, especially with age and post having children – False, however through specific pelvic floor training you can return to your normal level of training without the worry of leakage.

Fact 3: starting pelvic floor training before having an operation that may affect continence can decrease symptoms post-operatively – True, pre-operative training has been shown to reduce the severity and duration of incontinence after surgery, particularly with prostate removal surgery.

Fact 4: I have had multiple births and the damage is done – False, the pelvic floor muscles can be retrained, and re-conditioned to reduce and stop symptoms, no matter what they’ve been through.

Fact 5: Men don’t have a pelvic floor- False, Men do have a pelvic floor but are lucky in that they don’t go through as many pelvic floor stressors through life as women.

Fact 6: Pelvic floor exercises are easy, according to YouTube – False, the pelvic floor muscles are highly precise muscles to locate, activate and train, with a lot of misinformation located on the internet.

In the community, pelvic floor strengthening is the term most commonly discussed with regards to physiotherapy. Whilst strength does play an important part in maintaining pelvic floor control, the skill acquisition process of mastering a pelvic floor contraction is vital. Just like in any strength training program, the improvements made during the first 6-8weeks of training are due to neuromuscular improvements (the brain being more accurate at firing the right muscles at the right time). When taught correctly, improvements in locating, activating and then training the right muscles leads to improvements in a patient’s incontinence symptoms.

The physiotherapists at Target Physio utilise real time ultrasound technology to effortlessly display the pelvic floor muscles during Men’s and Women’s health sessions to aid in learning and recovery. This is also a non-invasive way to view the pelvic floor muscles working. If you, or someone you know is experience incontinence issues, get in contact with the team today!