​​Don’t shoot yourself in the foot down the track​​

Ankle sprains are a common injury in both the physically active and the general population. Unfortunately, all too often we choose to throw a bag of ice on our ‘rolled ankle’ and assume it will improve, using our own “walk it off” treatment. This notion has been supported in the 2016 International Ankle Consortium, highlighting that many people who sustain an ankle sprain do not seek professional care. Thus, leading to additional or recurrent sprains, and the development of an unstable ankle or ‘chronic ankle instability’. Affecting one’s ability to participate in physical activity, sport and daily life.

Repeated sprains, resulting in an imbalance between lateral and medial ankle stabilisers, can limit people’s function, leading to a reduction in activity levels because they feel unable to move to their own expectations. The direct costs of professional treatment for an ankle sprain is minimal in comparison to the indirect costs, such as, loss of income and lifestyle diseases due to subsequent inactive lifestyle. Seeking a comprehensive and professional assessment and treatment for an ankle sprain can be significantly cheaper long term.

At Target Physio, our physiotherapists approach ankle sprains by firstly completing a comprehensive assessment of the ankle and other relevant joints and muscle groups.
   Treatments may include but are not limited to:
  • Hands on treatment to increase ankle joint range and reduce muscle tightness due to cessation of activity.
  • Exercises to increase local and global muscle strength, and restore balance and ankle stability.
  • Step-by-step graded return to sport/activity incorporating elements such as landing strategy, rebound ability and reaction time to reduce recurrence risk.

This is followed up with individualized short and long term rehabilitation programs, designed to strengthen muscles that provide the ankle with stability, improve biomechanics to enhance the lower kinetic chain and enable you to return to your previous or desired level of activity. Our exercise programs are tailored to the individual patient’s function and fitness levels and reduce the chance of continued ankle instability.

Target Physio also offers an extensive range of functional Pilates classes aimed at different ages and fitness levels.  Pilates can be used as a stepping stone to help transition into normal activity. The 8-week programs incorporate flexibility, strength, balance and functional activities. Our Pilates programs as well as any individualized programs are developed from our continuing interest in the latest research and many hours of professional development.

If you own a sprained or unstable ankle start re-strengthening your ankles! It’s never too late!