Dizziness & Balance Issues

Don't let dizziness become part of your daily routine.

Dizziness is a common symptom that can present for many reasons ranging from anxiety to side effects from taking multiple medications. With any new episode of dizziness, it is important to consult a health professional to work through the potential causes.

When other factors have been ruled out, dizziness that has a pattern 
of behaviour where movement or certain visual stimulus (fast-moving images, busy/colourful backgrounds) are triggers, the vestibular system (inner ear) can often be the cause.

The inner ear or vestibular apparatus in a set of organs which help us detect movement of our head and body. It works closely with our eyes and brain to process information about movement in order for us to stay balanced by making fine adjustments when needed.

The most common cause of dizziness due to vestibular issues is BPPV where small crystals that normally reside within the vestibular system drift into the wrong place. This often causes dizziness with movements such as lying down, getting up from and rolling in bed. 
The resulting vertigo can feel like the world is spinning and can be quite debilitating.
Thankfully, treatment can quickly change this and help alleviate dizziness by carefully repositioning those crystals with specific maneuvers. Kit has taken advanced training in treating these conditions to help you manage your dizziness.

If you've experienced dizziness, book an appointment with Kit to slow your world spinning and keep you on your feet.
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