Vestibular Disorders

Don't let dizziness become part of your daily routine.

It’s hard to stay on your feet when the world is spinning and the ground feels like it’s moving. Unfortunately, dizziness is an issue that some of us have to contend with on a daily basis which can mess up our daily routines.

One of the issues that can cause dizziness are inner ear disorders. The inner ear organs sit deep to the eardrums in our skulls. This pair of organs have the important role of detecting movement and telling us where our head is in space, how fast it is moving and in which direction. However, sometimes the inner ear can be affected which can cause faulty signals that conflict with the information coming from the opposite inner ear, as well as the information from our eyes. This can result in dizziness, as our brain struggles to process the abnormal inputs.

BPPV is by far the most common inner ear disorder with up to 50% of cases of dizziness in adults over 80 being attributed to this condition. This condition occurs when little crystals which help make our inner ears work more efficiently end up in the wrong place, triggering abnormal signals to our brain leading to dizziness.

This along with other inner ear disorders can be assessed by a skilled physiotherapist or medical practitioner who can then provide practical advice, specific maneuvers and exercises to help reduce and resolve the dizziness.
Our Physio, Tin-Kit “Kit” Tam is able to assess your vestibular issues and keep you on your feet.

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